Sober living

Posted by | Mayo 24, 2023
Figure 2 3, The Three Stages of the Addiction Cycle and the Brain Regions Associated with Them Facing Addiction in America NCBI Bookshelf

ContentPreoccupation/Anticipation Stage: Prefrontal CortexWhat Is Mental Health Relapse? 5 Relapse Triggers to KnowThe Five Stages of Addiction RecoveryCognitive Behavioral TherapyBreaking the Cycle of Addiction: Treating Substance Use DisorderWhat are the...

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Posted by | Mayo 13, 2021
How Do I Stay Sober When All My Friends Drink?

ContentYou’re in!Ewan McGregor has been sober since 2001.How Drinking Affects the Body of a Recovering AlcoholicGet online support.How to help someone stop drinking Some people feel that relapse prevention is...

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